Managing Director

With over 30 years of experience in business, Ravin Melwani brings a professional dimension to BKR Group.

Previously a Regional Manager in London for the UK based Bridisco Group, Ravin joined BKR in 1987 bringing with him unparalleled passion and drive. He played a pivotal role in facilitating the fast growth of the company.

Ravin created the premium cooling systems brand Portabreeze, which soon expanded in to a line of products that catered to personal, automobile, pet, lifestyle and aeronautic uses. Portabreeze’s major retailers include Marks & Spencer, Walmart, Walgreens, Coleman, Argos, Novartis to name a few.

Simultaneously, he researched and developed a line in the footwear industry, creating Freeze Footwear which forged brand relationships with Kelme, Jordache and Hang Ten.

A constant entrepreneur, Ravin focuses on growth, development and a diverse study of market trends. His recent ventures include investments in the health & wellness and real estate markets.

Ravin is a no-nonsense businessman with distinct leadership qualities. He enjoys exploring new trends and creative business models.