Managing Director

The notion of integrity is strongly ingrained in Giresh. He entails the old school entrepreneurial attitude involving hard work and intelligent hustle.

When Giresh joined BKR in 1981 to follow in his father’s footsteps, he learned Cantonese by involving himself in the local culture and knocked on doors to make sales.

After his father’s passing, Giresh had no choice but to assume responsibilities at a young age. His calmness under pressure and key decision making on a daily basis emphasizes why his decades of experience are of tremendous value to clients, peers, partners and young up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Giresh was instrumental in the evolution of the company from a small trading house to a successful entrepreneurial firm. Notably for the group’s prosperous supply chain management systems and ventures in the seafood, agriculture, copper and pharmaceutical industries.

Giresh has an unprecedented passion for horse racing. He is one of the few owners that likes to be fully involved. He enjoys visiting stables, getting up close and personal with the horses and communicates regularly with the trainers and jockeys. It is with this same level of involvement that Giresh has been able to scale multiple businesses, earning himself a well-respected reputation within the industry.